1214 – Ordinary People

These are the images for Monday. Obviously I’m back in Vienna. Regarding posting blog entries, being late turns into a bad habit again. Sorry for that 🙂

The bicycle image was taken in the morning. We had light snowfall, and due to the cold, the snow would have stayed, but this time it was not even a centimeter.

I like the postures of the two bikes, I like the tight crop with the car approaching, and normally this would have been it for today, but then, in the evening, while I crossed a road, passing a man, a tramway train in the background, out of a whim I decided to take a shot from the hip and … what can I say? I liked it. It is not focused, it is not sharp, it is garbage in a way, but I still like it.

What you see here is a square crop from the bottom and a conversion to B&W. The noise has been added in Photoshop 😀

The Song of the Day is “Ordinary People” from Conner Reeves’ 1997 album “Earthbound”. Never heard of the guy? Well, at the time it came out, I found the album by chance while being in a MediaMarkt store. I can’t remember why I decided to hear it or if I just bought it without hearing, for whatever reason. Fact is, that this album is not only excellent, it’s also strong evidence for the theory that being the most talented person sometimes is not enough for a big career. Hear the song on YouTube, and while you’re there, why don’t you also hear into “Something Beautiful” or “My Father’s Son“?

Done? And now please tell me that guy’s not good 🙂

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