Jan 292010

Here’s one more post for today. It’s Friday afternoon, I’m on the train to Carinthia and this image was taken in the morning. This was more or less an experiment. I focused near and then just held the camera over a snow-covered flower bed.

When I later looked at the image, I really liked the delicate lace. Making it black and white and cropping to a square even increased the effect.

The Song of the Day is “Tenderly“, this time not sung by Billie Holiday, this time it’s Anita O’Day on her 1957 album “Anita Sings the Most”. Online I’ve found this version only in a somewhat mutilated video on YouTube. It’s a “duet” where some guy has mixed his own voice into the song. Fortunately he leaves her alone until 1:30. Just switch off at that point and no harm will be done to your inner peace 😀

  2 Responses to “1204 – Tenderly II”

  1. Unusual perspective, but works for me! B&W, resp. the toning, emphasise the delicacy nicely…

  2. I agree with Thomas. I love the implied depth. The shallow DOF works very well. Great eye for this miniature scene.

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