Jan 292010

Sorry, it took me ages again, but here it is, the image for Wednesday. I found this on the outside wall of a not-so-posh Indian restaurant in Vienna.

As to the Song of the Day, I can offer you “In India” from Carla Bley’s 1974 second collaboration with Paul Haines, “Tropic Appetites”. Seemingly I am fortunate to own the CD, because at the Amazon marketplace it is sold at $183 new and from $126 used. Amazon has it as MP3 downloads as well though, for just the usual price. Economy never stops to amaze me 😀

Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “1202 – In India”

  1. i love the seen moment … and the tilt is fabulous …

    i am torn between titles and additional information … i mean, what would i have through without the prompts…

    nonetheless i love the photo (and as always the words add another layer) … nicely done
    >>> Gina
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  2. I never stops to amaze me how you manage to turn mundane city-sights into something very artful – beautiful in this case. The warm lights and textures work great towards the perception of India that most European might have.

  3. Roland, this is very unique! Another way to paint with light! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Yes, of course, Indian style;-) Love this find and it´s beautiful light and colors! Sunny greetings

  5. I would have walked right by this and not seen it! Great job to see it and to make such a terrific image from it!


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