1200 – Summer Kisses, Winter Tears

1200? Nice number, huh? Sorry for the delay, I would have written this post in the morning, but instead I have upgraded a WordPress plugin, and that caused my portfolio pages to fail. No big problem though, after a comment on the author’s site, he provided another upgrade that fixed the problem. In fact it took him less than five hours to find the problem, fix it and roll out a new version. This is quite remarkable, try to get that from Microsoft, Oracle or any other big company. I love Free Software. No useless management, instead competent people who care πŸ™‚

This image is one more proof for the concept of never being without a camera. The kiosk is at a tramway stop, at a crossing just opposite from where I work. There are people all the time. In this place it would even be uncommon to see a bicycle on the sidewalk, and I sure have never seen a scooter there. It’s one of those shots taken almost unconsciously πŸ™‚

The other image, the Image of the Day, well, in a way it connects to Ted Byrne‘s comment to “1198 – Under The Bridge” and to my answer. Ted wrote that

Monochrome has an inherent melancholy bias. Yes it can be overcome, but it’s as if the artist starts up a hill with a bag filled with lead.

Yes, but there can be quite some melancholy in color as well, and in some cases, color may even express it stronger. I guess this is such a case. It needs the colors and it needs them faded, in order to express such yearning for a summer past.

The Song of the Day is “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears” by The Blackeyed Susans, a group from Australia. It’s on their 2001 album of cover versions, “Dedicated to the Ones We Love”.

I have found no video of the song in their version, thus I must direct you to the original by Elvis Presley.

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