1197 – Take The Box

That’s the last update for today, two images that were actually taken this morning.

It’s some details, the backlight of a car and some waste, standing in front of a house entrance, waiting to be taken away. It’s the same kind of boxes that we had a long, long time ago in “47 – Time of Waste“. Please see there for the story of why we use those funny boxes 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Take The Box” from Amy Winehouse’s 2007 album “Frank”. That girl may have a drug problem, but, oh boy, she sure can sing! Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1197 – Take The Box”

  1. i red your story about the collected boxes in a box thing
    it’s marvellous to know more beyond the mundane daily life of other places
    and so i love your image and to know what is beyond it.

    i love the composition and the focus in your second image
    well balanced and a joy to look at to discover all its refined details
    what made you capture this one? i’m curious about that. 🙂

    have a good sunday, andreas 🙂

    1. Impulse. It’s always impulse. In my position, trying to make an image a day, you better follow your impulses. But why am I telling this to you? 🙂

      The back light reminded me of another image I took one and a half years ago, the other one was just playing with oblique lines, a twisted perspective and a feeling of depth. And color 🙂

      Oh well, you see, I can’t really say how these things come to be, they simply do, and it’s part of my pleasure to surprise myself.

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