2 thoughts on “1195 – This City Never Sleeps”

  1. Two thoughts: I wouldn’t apologize for any of your images, they all have value and I’m always interested to see what you post. They always show me something I like.

    Second, with the song of the day: is the connection driven instinctively, or do you think about the connection before you post/choose an image?

  2. Thanks. While I take photographs or even during post-processing, the title or the Song of the Day play no role whatsoever. This only happens when I sit down to write.

    The first thing I do is to associate words. I try to find words that match either aspects of the image or of its genesis. Then I search for these words in a file with a list of all my songs. If something inspires me, then I search for an online copy via Google video search. If I find something, this is it. It’s really an afterthought, although the whole process may consume more time than the whole photographic part.

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