Jan 192010

OK, I stop bitching about the weather. Let’s use it.

Here is another one of these low down shots, again with the camera set to the ground, this time in B&W. It’s not what I intended to use as the Image of the Day, but when I began working on it – just for fun – I soon began to really like it 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Dirty World” from the 1988 Traveling Wilburys album “Volume 1”. Hear it on YouTube. Just ignore the annotation overlay on the video. It’s not much of a video anyway 😀

  11 Responses to “1194 – Dirty World”

  1. Definitely working for me. And I second your attitude: Use the weather instead complaining to no avail.

  2. Brilliant (both insight and photo)!

  3. Yes! Works for me too. Specially the bottle in the foreground leading the eye into the image.

  4. This seems to be a little bit new territory here Andreas, and it’s great! More B&W!

  5. I second Eric here. Although the photo still has a very typical touch. Perhaps the Vienna architecture in the background…

  6. Oh my god, I thought you had entered a war zone here…. I will need the day to recover from the shock! 😉

    • Well, only my private war against the snow 🙂

      No, really, this never-ending sludge on the streets is a major annoyance, but normally on photos you can’t see it. I wanted to visualize it 🙂

  7. no wet knees for a clever guy :-))

    i love those frog views
    it makes you view the world from a fresh angle. and maybe more nearby the view we had the time we were no more than 4 feet tall and more important, we didn’t think of wet knees at all and all what goes together with that 🙂

    love the perspective
    the difference in sharpness
    the shades of gray
    the different dimensions (dinky toys are back :-))
    and of course the intriguing bottle 🙂

    more lemonade out of lemons, please :-))

  8. Wonderful use in b/w. I´m a little cat, mouse hunting:-) Sunny greetings

  9. Thanks. It’s almost scary how perspective changes all, huh?

  10. Nice B&W, enjoy the low, skewed angle.

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