1193 – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

OK, after Sunday’s sunny splendor, Vienna felt like a shock. I arrived late Sunday night in light snowfall, and in the morning most of it had been washed away by rain.

Mind you, the emphasis is on “most”. Even today, Tuesday morning, when I look out of the window, the snow is not completely gone. The slush will stay with us. How do you like that, Mr Cedric Canard? 😀

Nevertheless, treating the day like a lemon, I was able to squeeze something out for you. We had those mannequins a few times, notably in “829 – Dedicated Follower Of Fashion“, “948 – Hit The Road To Dreamland” (as one of the additional images) and “1006 – The Great Song Of Indifference“. Here I had just to wait a little, until the approaching cars provided the right light.

The Song of the Day, well, this was an obvious one. We already had the song some time ago, though not the exact title. “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” from one of Bob Dylan’s early masterpieces, the 1966 double album “Blonde on Blonde”. Hear it on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “1193 – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35”

  1. I like it indeed. I do not doubt that for you in Europe and North America this exceptionally cold winter is not what most of you wish for but at least for me, just looking at your wintery images Andreas, helps me feel a little more comfortable in the heat and humidity we’re experiencing down-under 🙂
    btw, I like this image of two “ladies”, very surreal.

    1. Hmm … if it were exceptionally cold, I’d probably like it much more. No, it is just unexceptionally mediocre, with temperatures never as low as to keep the snow stable, always hovering around freezing, just perpetuating the slush 🙂

      My memory may play tricks with me, but I remember the last winter was much better. But then, it’s all a matter of how you cope with it. I guess it’s easy to find something wrong with the most pleasant of situations. Negativity is in the mind 😀

      1. lol… when I said “exceptionally cold” I was saying so from my perspective. A “cold” winter day where I live is when it gets down to 17 degrees celcius so anything “hovering around freezing” is “exceptionally cold” to this old duck 🙂

  2. the left model has ladylike legs, but is not, for i may say, very ladylike-headed 🙂
    their jackets are for both male/female suitable
    but as your chosen title told us, i supose they are both lady-models 🙂

    and i like them, especially in the light you placed them by patience
    i always fall in love with those color combinations, blue and yellow with touches of orange pink
    and of course the reflection on the wet surface of the pavement. 🙂

    the extra added image on the right side catched my eye in particularly. it could be one of mine, it feels familiar at first sight. love the abstract view and the have to look twice kinda thing. an image to discover its levels.

    the last image got you wet knees, i suppose. and that makes me laugh out loud. what we photographer so for the right angle and i love that too.

    so have another good day, andreas 🙂

    1. No wet knees. I just set the camera to manual focus, f6.3 and a focus distance of about half a meter. Then I put it to the ground and hoped for the best. Even the camera did not get wet, because I have always the tripod mounting plate on it 🙂

  3. Andreas, a very great idea to use a passing car’s lights to light up you models and the rest of the scene. Even though I know that these are mannequins, I just want to rush up and wrap their legs in blankets. It does look cold and miserable. But, the beauty of the composition and the back-side light, the colors and the reflections on the wet walk make this image a work of art.

  4. Not much of an idea with the light. Just as I crouched down, I saw what the light of a passing car did to the scene, and I figured the next car would do the same 😀

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