1189 – Blues In The Night

That’s more of the same and I like that. More of the same is fine for me if it’s more of what I like.

Both images were taken at ISO 200, both with ISO automatics turned off, both with the camera firmly held against a wall, both without looking through the viewfinder, both at long exposure times, the Image of the Day even at three seconds.

Now that I think of it, I didn’t heed my own advice. Basically these were tripod situations, just without the tripod, and I didn’t turn image stabilization off.

Interesting. I have made many similar images in the last few days, and I didn’t get anything like the anomalies that I showed in “1177 – Shake Away“. The same is true for “1170 – By The Rivers Dark“, and that WAS taken from a tripod. You see me confused 🙂

Still, if I ever manage to remember, I’ll most likely turn stabilization off in such situations. Or maybe not, because now I’m interested 😀

The Song of the Day, “Blues In The Night“, is probably my favorite on one of my most favorite albums of all times, Ella Fitzgerald’s 1959 release “Ella Swings Lightly”. Very recommendable, but check for yourself on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1189 – Blues In The Night”

  1. a kind of split image
    perspective in greys on the right
    the colored lights on the left

    the orange reflected light spots
    for the connection 🙂

    i love this serie 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful image, indeed a sort of split image as Emma write. The contrast between cold colours in the foreground and warm in the background is what sucks me into it’s depth.

  3. I can easily imagine an entire series along these lines (so to speak). More, please!

    I’m also shamelessly going to try to copy your idea and see what results. 🙂

  4. Ditto what the others have said. I’m sitting here wondering whether I’d like this image better had you tilted it the other way. Which brings to mind – how do you decide which way to tilt an image? Is it that you see the tilt before even putting the camera to your eye – or do you tilt the camera both ways and then decide?

  5. No, with images like this I just try things, see what happens. When I get something that I like, I may begin to change parameters until it’s what I want. In this case it was just the kind of tilt where the camera had the best support from the wall 😀

    Normally when I make a tilted image, I decide by feeling. If it feels good to me in terms of lines, proportions, balance, weight of the different parts of the image, I do it that way. So much of what I do is experimental, but of course you get to like some things more than others, and that way you develop sort of a style, even when your tools introduce a random component.

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