1188 – Night Life

Today I was tired. I had had some technical problems and had hunted for explanations all day, and although I had nothing original, I had little hope for inspiration on my way home. One should never give up though. In a way it is routine. Do it as long as I do, and you do it almost automatically. It does not need much consciousness.

I fooled around, switched ISO automatic off, held the camera firmly to a wall or a shop window, this way exposed for about a second, looked what I got, adjusted, repeated. I must have stood there for minutes, concentrated, experimenting, and suddenly all the day’s troubles were past. I was whole again.

The Song of the Day is “Night Life” from the 2008 album “Two Men With The Blues” by Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis. Fine album, we had it a few times, but not this song so far. Hear it on YouTube.

11 thoughts on “1188 – Night Life”

  1. i’m really fond of this kind of images of yours.
    the ‘to discover’ ones
    or maybe you can call them ‘have to look twice’
    where do i look straight to an object or is it the reflection?
    you have to figure out where the light comes from
    and so i discover all the beautiful details.
    except one detail; down left, beneath the cars
    there is a reflection
    and i really don’t know where its source is
    do you know what i mean?

      1. something like that went through my mind 🙂

        and it becomes,
        that intriguing point
        you keep returning to …
        (like the never ending refrains … 🙂
        music to my eyes 🙂

  2. Andreas, I really like this image. There’s a feeling of energy (or life) in it and also some mystery. It’s one of those you can spend long moments looking not at, but in to the scene. The angle of the shot adds to the over all effect. Wonderful!

  3. THATS the reason we love to live in the right side of our brains …

    I enjoy very much shooting from the hip an although its not executed that way, it has that kinda feel for me. I like it a lot for its colour and open endedness that creates an AHA moment (just like poetry).

    >>> Gina

  4. This is great!

    I love the colors and repetition; the question I had to answer, “Am I in a tunnel, is that a ceiling?”

    Then the discovery that the space isn’t open to my right, but instead is a reflection.

    The tilt is so appropriate for my feeling of being unsettled or off-balance in this strange space.

    Very fun!

  5. You do split and tilt so well, Andreas! Plus making the reflection seem to be the rest of the scene beyond the thing that splits the image. It took me a while to realize the part of the scene to the right is a reflection. Somehow part of me finds comfort in the fact that I can “lean against” the glass to the right!

  6. Thanks. Regarding “leaning against” the glass, yes, I feel it in a similar way. Once we have enough abstraction, we develop a new sense of gravity, even though the brain normally is very good in canceling tilt effects.

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