1187 – Today Is Gray Skies, Tomorrow Is Tears

It’s more or less the same park, it’s the same kind of lantern, it’s only near now.

Why I took the image? Hmm … in a way I like the lace of the tree in the background. Other than that, it’s the usual old game: take some simple forms and arrange them in the frame. Here I think the angle and the asymmetry work together and build up the tension that makes the image. At least for me that is 😀

If you’ve got some time to burn, why not read an article by Ken Rockwell? The interesting part is that bit about punchlines and double punchlines. Not new, but always good to remember.

The Song of the Day is “Yesterday Is Here” from Tom Waits’ 1987 landmark album “Frank’s Wild Years”. Hear it on YouTube, and while you’re there, you should probably hear Cat Power’s cover version as well 🙂