1184 – ‘Round Midnight

Weather forecasts are funny. We got maybe a third of the predicted amount of snow, and thankfully so far nothing of the predicted rain. Today there’s even the potential for a partly sunny day, at least I can see some blue sky from my window.

Anyway. This is an image from last night, we were at a corporate Christmas party that had been delayed to actually after Christmas, and when we returned to Villach, it was around midnight. I had not made a single image on whole Saturday, and when we came up from the underground garage, I decided to try a few shots in the corridor. The corridors in our building are open to the outside, only protected by a glass facade, and that fact has already served me well last winter.

Technically this image was taken 33 seconds past midnight, but I still count it for yesterday. It’s a JPEG, straight out of the camera.

The Song of the Day is “‘Round Midnight” by Thelonious Monk. I have it on the 1989 soundtrack album “Straight No Chaser: Music From The Motion Picture”. See a video on YouTube, and while you’re there, why not see another live version, this time sung by noone less than the great Ella Fitzgerald?

3 thoughts on “1184 – ‘Round Midnight”

  1. Of course this counts as a Saturday image! You hadn’t gone to bed yet! LOL.

    I do like the layers of reflections and the real scene as seen through the reflections. And the blurs, of course. Interesting that you mentioned blue in parts of the sky this morning – because there’s a blue harbinger in this image!

  2. the have to look twice kinda thing
    and i love to discover
    which is which
    refelection or not
    anyway it makes no difference
    i *do* love it

    colors and the effect they have on each other
    composition, rhythm,
    music to my eyes 🙂

    and definitely a sunday’s image!
    ok joking ;-))

    have a good week, andreas

  3. OKAY – here’s the most trite, vapid, shallow, but honest comment… which because it is so shallow, trite, and vapid I rarely give it… But… as I watched this thing glow onto my screen it simply popped into my brain and onto my lips…


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