Jan 082010

I can’t believe it, I really managed to catch up. Now guess where I took this image 🙂

The image has been taken with a bit of flash again. You really have to be careful, too much flash makes the snow flakes the brightest part of the image, and that looks very unnatural. In this case I’m quite satisfied with the balance.

The Song of the Day is “I’m Waitin’ At The Station“, an early hit by Aaron Neville. I have it on a collection that’s not available any more, but you can get it on the 2001 “Ultimate Collection”. Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “1183 – I’m Waitin’ At The Station”

  1. Very nice combination of blue light from above and lamplight below. I guess the amount of snow is not decreasing…

    • Certainly not. There was not much snowfall during the night, but now it’s falling like crazy. Let’s see what I can come up with today 🙂

  2. Andreas, congratulations on captured those flakes perfectly. I love the time of day that allows for a cold blue sky with the warm light from the street and signal lamps. Looking forward to seeing more snow images – from my warm house, that is!

  3. Wonderful picture! One could feel the snow on the face! It´s great! Sunny greetings

  4. to answer your question,
    an empty, but very overwhelming intersection, overloaded with signs, traffic-lights and snow and no traffic :-))
    (in the light of take something, make something :-))

    my appriciating to use flash as an effect grows.
    i love what you did. the snow in the foreground has more depth through the flash. 🙂

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