1182 – Where Do The Children Play II

Thursday. There is some snow in Vienna and during the weekend we’re supposed to get much, much more. The weather forecast predicts 40cm 🙂

This is a playground in a park, just a few steps from where I work. Yesterday I left early and just got a hint of sunshine.

The Song of the Day is once more Cat Stevens’ “Where Do The Children Play“, but this time from Dolly Parton’s 2005 album “Those Were the Days”. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1182 – Where Do The Children Play II”

    1. Forecasts, you know? I arrived in Carinthia and we had no more than maybe 10cm, all dripping wet, and for tomorrow they have predicted rain. Ouch!

  1. Sorry about your rain! Nothing can be as dismal as a gray rainy day in the winter. It’s more fun to be out and about when it’s snowing – but not blizzarding – just nice gentle huge fluffy white flakes.

    Probably a job as a meteorologist is the only job in which you won’t get fired for being wrong much of the time, lol!

    Now if I were a kid again, I’d want to run right over there and start playing.

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