1179 – Prizefighter

Oh yes, I’m really, really tired. No catching up for today. On the other hand, I had already thought I wouldn’t have an image for yesterday, and now that I see this bike, I think it has turned out pretty well.

I was more or less forced to go B&W, because this image was taken under the worst of lights, you know, these impossible sodium vapor lights that look orange even at a color temperature of 2000 K.

The Song of the Day? Well, I don’t know, something in the pose of this bike made me think that “Prizefighter” from the 2009 Eels album “Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire” would not be entirely wrong. YouTube has the video.

3 thoughts on “1179 – Prizefighter”

  1. the title is so enigmatic … it makes me relook the pic in a different way (although i still cant see it but thats me not you or your photo)

    and what, may i ask, is wrong with orange ? I love the angle and depth of field for this viewpoint.

    nice >>> Gina

  2. Thanks. Wrong with orange? Nothing really. Maybe it takes a little away from the contrasts, but then, no, I guess I just felt it had to be B&W. Follow your instincts 😀

    Deb, I thought that this could appeal to you. In a way they are horses after all 🙂

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