1176 – A Foggy Day

New Year’s Day. We were out to lunch with my parents, and on the way back to Villach, I decided to take smaller roads.

We had a thick cloud cover, and around a height of 500-600 meters there was a layer of fog. That’s what I was heading for.

You know my obsession with ways leading into the image, well, here are three variations on the theme, all rather typical of today.

Fog is a little bit challenging, photography-wise. Automatic white balance is frequently off. Take the image of the Day: I had to shift it way into the greens. Now I guess it’s pretty what I saw.

I’ve also made it darker. Fog images have low dynamics, thus the dynamic range of our digital cameras is more than enough. The D300 had placed the histogram more to the right. Of course I could have corrected it in-camera, but then, I prefer to rather expose to the right and later tone it down, than otherwise. Keeps the noise down.

The other two images are just JPEGs from the camera.

The Song of the Day is “A Foggy Day” in the rendition from Charles Mingus’ 1956 album “Pithecanthropus Erectus”. Hear it on Nate. Seems to be a South Korean site, though I admit I don’t understand anything.

6 thoughts on “1176 – A Foggy Day”

  1. I like your first image and your lighter image with the road and trees. You mentioned that the second and third pictures were jpegs from your camera, does that mean your first was Raw, do you often switch back and forth from raw to jpeg within a short period of time? thanks for your wonderful site, I look at it daily. joanlvh

  2. I envy your foggy day, we seem to be captured in ice and minus degrees…
    I must say I’m found of routes leading into no where, so I enjoy your ones very much. Keep up the obsession. 🙂

  3. love how you can measure
    the depth of field
    by looking at the more or less
    foggy sight on the trees

    (seems to me a somehow double dutch kind of english 🙁 and as i’m a dutch girl, i’d been forgiven on forehand) (or something like that :-D)

    and yes, this is quite a different landscape than we have over here

  4. Wonderful picture ! (First one) As Ove I like pictures with routes leading into surprising perspectives. It recalls me fate or life. Your pictures are about space , about time either.

    I do not comment often but everyday I come and look at your pictures and comments.

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