Dec 302009

I’m on the train to Carinthia and that’s an image taken this morning.

The Song of the Day is “Doin’ The New Low Down“. I have it on a CD called “Harlem Story”. Amazon does not have it, but Google gave me a hit on iTunes. But that’s not what you should hear anyway, because searching on YouTube, I found what must be the definitive version: The Mills Brothers with Cab Calloway. Enjoy!

  2 Responses to “1174 – Doin’ The New Low Down”

  1. a right angle view-finder would have been a perfect christmas-present for you!! 😉
    great worms-eye photos!
    And: thank you so much for a another year with your wonderful photography and inspiring thoughts!

  2. I’m really enjoying your “low down” POV Andreas! Keep up the good work!


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