1173 – Low Rider’s Blues

I’m still trying funny things. Well, in a way I always do, but normally I make my images by composing through the viewfinder.

Not so in this image. I would have had to lay down on the ground. Basically I held the camera very low, at an angle to about everything, pressed the shutter and hoped for the best. Of course this is the monkey method, and of course the results of such things are rather random, but then maybe not.

This was actually the first take, so I was really lucky, and if I have anything like a style, you will probably recognize it. It may be the monkey method, but after all, I was the monkey šŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Low Rider’s Blues” by Blind Willie McTell. I have it on disc 43 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”, but if you insist, you can also get it on a single CD, for example “The Best of Blind Willie McTell”. Hear it on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “1173 – Low Rider’s Blues”

  1. What a perfect way to end the year… with a bike. Thanks Andreas… for this and all of your support throughout 2009. I’m still hoping forward to your visit … Whether it comes in 2010 or whenever… we are keeping the bed warm, and the wine cool. It’s been too long….

    From Rita and I… all of the best for 2010….


      1. Actually, I don’t care about Nikon or Canon or whatever. Yes, a tilt-swivel display would be fine, but on the other side I really enjoy the random component in what I currently do. A freely adjustable display would enable me to do some things that I can’t do today, but it would probably not be half as interesting šŸ˜€

    1. Oh yes, I hope I can. I’ve just spent a major sum for a pension fund. It sounds silly, but obviously it’s about time to care for the future. Still, I intend to make the trip in autumn 2010. Whatever it will be, It will be Lancester for sure.

      All the best to Rita and you. See you on the other side šŸ™‚

  2. I am enjoying your site and postings very much …. (actually – it s a lovely site – love the clean lines, the black and various whites & greys as contrast )…

    I often take shots from the hip … walking along and shooting (like the monkey) and it is true i have to delete 99% of them but occasionally i get a shot that i love; that makes me see differently and no way in the world would i normally have composed such a shot …

    I had chosen to comment on your monkey posting because the first thought that came to my mind is ‘some monkeys are highly intelligent!’

    Another thing you said, stays with me …. (it made me smile and nod – as i know how you feel) .. you said ‘Iā€™m neither creative nor productive at the moment. Iā€™m not even polite. ” …. thanks for my late night smile

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2010 bring you many many wonderful moments of creativity, productivity and joy (politeness is optional) … šŸ™‚ >>> Gina

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