1170 – By The Rivers Dark

I’m neither creative nor productive at the moment. I’m not even polite. The unread blog posts pile in Google Reader, and where I read, I hardly comment. I have not much time. I play Morrowind again. It’s old, it does not have the latest effects, but it is still one of the best and most addictive Fantasy Role Playing Games of all times.

The Image of the Day was taken yesterday evening in Villach. I’m pretty sure I would have liked it better with less of a tilt, with much more above the left corner included (imagine the dark trees in the background straight), but I would have had to include lots of bright, white streetlights along the upper edge, and that would have ruined more than helped. Well, you can’t always get what you want πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “By The Rivers Dark” from Leonard Cohen’s 2001 album “Ten New Songs”. Hear it on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “1170 – By The Rivers Dark”

    1. Very atmospheric setting and the Leonard Cohen song is perfect for it. This song always knocks me out every time I hear it.

    1. And the interesting thing is, that I don’t grow tired of it. I have played the game when it came out. I didn’t finish the main quest, but I ended up very rich and powerful, with a beautiful house of my own, complete collections of all armor and weapons, a rich collection of books, neatly displayed, a first class alchemy lab, you get it πŸ˜€

      In the end I stopped playing and began modding. I liked my house, but I wanted it in another place, and I wanted to acquire it through an extensive quest, along with my own teleportation network, backed by a story as well. Oh dear, let’s say it got slightly out of control πŸ™‚

      Still, neither then nor now did I grow tired of the music. It’s magic.

  1. Are your night shots hand held or do you use a mono/tripod? They always seem sharp unlike my own attempts at this subject.

    1. Normally hand held. “1170 – By The Rivers Dark” was the first exception in probably more than a year. “1166 – Cold II” is also an exception, here I’ve rested the camera firmly on the railing that runs into the image. At ISO 200 and 0.8s I wouldn’t have been able to hold it. In general, for the really long exposure times I try to find some support, but I have mostly stopped using tripods, at least on the streets. Too tedious πŸ™‚

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