1168 – Some Other Spring

After the cold at the weekend, this is quite a contrast. This is probably not the right title. “It Could As Well Be Spring” would be better, but I only have it in versions that I can’t find on YouTube 🙂

It’s dark now, Christmas Eve, I am slowly making my way to Charinthia, or rather the train is, and I just want to thank you for the support through all these years. I wish you peace, joy and some easy days. I know it won’t happen for everyone, there will be grief and sorrow in the world, but at least I may wish for it.

The Song of the Day is “Some Other Spring” by Billie Holiday. You find it on every other collection of her songs, and of course it’s on YouTube.

One thought on “1168 – Some Other Spring”

  1. thank you, andreas for all your fine wishes

    the only thing i can say
    that your wishes will return upon you
    doubled in size

    or with other words,
    that peace and joy will be multiplied.
    it certainly will be a wonderful time,
    even in less beautiful days – if there’s peace underneath – it can be a good time too.

    looking forward to another year,
    with lots of images we will enjoy 🙂

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