1165 – Feeling Blue

I’m back in Vienna. Remember when I said it’s only six days and then the days will get longer again? Oh my, time flies, from tomorrow they will.

Image #1 is a morning image. I was late and very much in a hurry. Hmm … how are these called? It’s not exactly graffiti, it’s more like someone’s tag, a signature. I guess “an annoyance” would Ted say 🙂 But still: how do you call something like that in English?

Anyway. I focused on that orange something, waited a second or two until the man was just in the right position, and then I took the image. I don’t even have an idea what it is about. It’s just an arrangement that appeals to me – something that I do time and again. Must mean something, huh?

The Image of the day is one of those cases when I like to use Nikon Capture NX 2. I liked the colors and tones of the JPEG from the camera, but I wanted to crop the image slightly. In such cases I don’t crop the JPEG and save as JPEG again, no, I always use the RAW file. The problem is, that I currently use ProPhoto RGB as my working color space, thus the camera profiles in Adobe Camera RAW do not match as they are supposed to do. Capture NX 2, on the other hand, perfectly reproduces the look of in-camera JPEGs.

The Song of the Day is “Feeling Blue” from Eric Burdon’s 2006 album “Soul of a Man”. Hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1165 – Feeling Blue”

  1. Very nice, indeed. That warm light does wonders for the photo.

    As for that annoyance, in English, collectively, they are called graffiti, but the individual signatures, if you will, are called tags. When you go to the larger cities, particularly New York and Philadelphia, you see lots and lots of tagging. It got so bad in NY that they developed and started using graffiti resistant/proof outer shells on the subway cars. Now they are nice and clean. The so-called graffiti artists then moved on to freight trains. It’s hard to see a boxcar without a tag.

  2. The orange and blue work beautifully together and interestingly the two images also work well as a pair despite being so different with regards to subject matter.

    Tags a popular where I live too though the police here have a special unit dedicated to identifying the taggers and then arresting them. They have a big success rate but I daresay that since most of the taggers are underage it’s become a game of cat and mouse for them. I actually don’t mind tagging or graffiti for that matter though I prefer not to see it done on private property like people’s fences or homes. Some of the graffiti we have here can be wonderfully artistic and often adds colour to otherwise dull and characterless areas. As for the tagging, well at times I am just amazed at the places you find them and wonder how in the world they managed to get there. I don’t deny that tagging and graffiti can be seen as willful damage to property but the people who do it do it for particular reasons and if local governments really wanted to stop it then they need to be looking at those reasons and perhaps spend their money and energy on fixing those. In the meantime I’ll just keep viewing it as a distraction from the mundane.
    Sorry… didn’t mean to go on for so long.

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