1163 – Let It Snow

I deny any responsibility for this image. Eric Jeschke made me do it. Over on his blog he posted an entry called “Night Swimming“. Pure sadism and needless showing off, if you ask me πŸ™‚

Well, I suppose living on Hawaii has its merits. Eric tried to console me with the fact that they miss snow on Hawaii. Eric, it doesn’t console me, it makes things worse πŸ˜€

Here it is, that’s what today looked like here in Villach. I had planned driving to Klagenfurt and renting a car, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, to leave it in Villach over night, and to drive to Salzburg tomorrow, to transport Michael’s belongings to Vienna.

For the road to Klagenfurt, we avoided the highway. Nothing worse than being stuck on a highway in winter, and according to the radio, there were several accidents on Carinthia’s highways this morning. Instead we tried the normal road, but as early as in Villach we had our first near-accident. While driving straight ahead at 35 kmph, the car lost grip on one side, spun around, and I was quite thankful that no other car was near. This sealed it, I canceled the Sprinter, we’ll have to move Michael’s things another weekend.

The Song of the Day is “Let It Snow” from the Special Edition of Michael BublΓ©’s 2007 album “Call Me Irresponsible”. Hear it on MyVideo. It’s the same song that we had in “792 – Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow“, only then it was by Manhattan Transfer.

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  1. Living in a country where winter’s are warmer than a British summer it is hard for me to imagine what you are describing. Your photo helps but it still seems like a whole other world away… oh wait… it is!

  2. i’m with cedric (cute duck) … and as uncomfy as you find it, know that we love the ‘idea’ of it … on this warm spring day in TAsmania … πŸ™‚ >> Gina

  3. Ah Andreas,
    That cool-looking snow is like a massage to my sun-drenched-and-dried eyes. Snow! Brings back fond memories of my childhood. What did we get today? RAIN, and lots of it! Enjoy your snow and changing seasons. Soon it will be spring and there will be a spring in your step as well! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks all. Yes, it’s flash. I have my under-utilized external flashes in Vienna. With off-camera flash I would have had far greater control, but I guess the built-in flash conveys the message well enough πŸ˜€

  5. Hmmm, looks all too familiar to me, especially this weekend in the northeastern U. S. Your experience on the road is a bit too familiar as well. Nothing “romantic” or “fun” about snow when you’ve been fighting with it for over half a century! But just think – only about 80 more days until spring…….

    I like the use of flash here – never thought of doing that. Could be interesting when we get those really big, wet flakes.

    1. Paul, I guess the bigger the flakes, the more the need for off-camera flash. In my case it were very small flakes, and the flash has exaggerated them. I could probably have taken back flash intensity to avoid making the flakes the brightest part of the scene, but then, I also wanted to convey a kind of magic. Thus I think it worked pretty well. For big flakes it would not work, or probably it would, if you were some steps back under a porch or some roof.

  6. in the part of europe i live, it’s aged ago we had a white chistmas
    this late december days heaps and heaps of snow.
    last days is was difficult to travel
    (for some days very romantic πŸ™‚
    we did build an igloo over more than 2 metres high, yesterday
    well it has more the shape of a pointed cap,
    but we had a lot of fun building it together
    so we *do* love these white winter days

    good idea to use flash to capture the snowflakes
    filed on my ‘harddisk’,
    i will use that idea some day πŸ™‚
    thanks, andreas

    i love the colored outdoor walls
    of the houses
    in your neighbourhood

    it brightens up, the grey snowy day

  7. This is wonderful. For all that you moan about the gray days of winter, you capture some of the most beautiful winter scenes I’ve ever seen. πŸ™‚

    No “tilt”, and yet everything is angled in this brilliant composition. Love the splashes of color in the snowy white and gray; very real, yet playful.

    Thank you for the tip about trying a flash! Now squirreled away somewhere in my brain, hopefully to be found again when needed.

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