1162 – Behind Closed Doors

Well, it’s been incredibly tedious these last few days to come up with anything usable at all – and it shows.

But then, what can I do? Sometimes it flows, sometimes it trickles, and these days it certainly trickles. It’s not even lack of inspiration, it’s more a lack of time, and then, the constantly grayish weather is not exactly helpful πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Behind Closed Doors” from Dolly Parton’s 1996 album “Treasures”. Hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1162 – Behind Closed Doors”

  1. its gorgeous … i dont know why you say you are not getting images … they have been fabulous each one …. perhaps it is because i see them with new eyes … its a bit like the photography in tasmania … if i take a brilliant photo of a place its overlooked because everyone is seeing the scene each day …

    the fact its MY view … is what keeps me excited … πŸ™‚ i am enjoying your postings >>> Gina

  2. totally agreeing with Gina

    maybe what richard diebenkom once said is truth for you.
    i want painting to be difficult to do. the more obstacles, obstructions, problems.. the better.. [richard diebenkorn quote]
    but it won’t say it *is* true πŸ™‚

    this image is just perfect as it is
    goodday, andreas

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