1161 – All The Time

I’m on the train to Carinthia now, and this is yesterday’s image. The interesting thing with this Christmas decoration in Neubaugasse is, that it is now up all year. It’s not particularly specific to Christmas, no stars, no candles, no angels, and so they let it hang all the time last year.

Normally I don’t like Christmas decoration, and actually I don’t like how holidays that really have lost all their meaning for most people, are turned into a shopping frenzy. There is something dishonest in calling that time the “silent time” when in reality the advertising machinery is aggressively loud and unescapable. Well, it’s one of the privileges of those without children, to be able to at least try to ignore the whole thing 🙂

The Song of the Day is “All The Time“, once more from Tom Waits’ 2006 three-CD masterpiece “Orphans”. Hear it on YouTube.