1156 – Leaving The City

This is not an image of today, this is another image of Friday, still from Vienna, taken from the rear of the tramway as I approached the railway station. Today I was lazy, played computer games, slept in the afternoon, and in the evening I attended Andreas Frei‘s annual Christmas party.

I mentioned Andreas several times, he is the guy who just made the post-production for the movie “Mount St. Elias” (where he contributed two songs), recently produced singer Jean Nolan‘s album “Born Ready“, is a great musician himself – and just a good friend. It was a great evening, except for photography 😀

On the other hand, in a way this image is also an image of today, because only today I remembered that I had taken it at all. It was still on the camera, because at the time that I took it, I had already decided to make yesterday’s “1155 – Born To Be Wild“.

The Song of the Day is “Leaving The City” from Róisín Murphy’s 2005 album “Ruby Blue”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1156 – Leaving The City”

  1. I like this very very much! You’ve captured the reflection of the overhead light in the train car as well as all the lights outside – and even the raindrops on the rear window! A great choice to focus on them and let the background go soft. I also like the Dutch angle, as it helps me imagine a wild train ride, lol.

    Would have made a great Lensbaby image, too.

    1. Thanks. Ahh, the Lensbaby! One of my least used lenses by now. But you’re right, these images work well with the Lensbaby, especially with out-of-focus lights near the edge. Maybe I should use it a little more often, it’s only that I am completely in love with that new Tamron. Stabilization of a fast lens, that’s absolutely great 🙂

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