1155 – Born To Be Wild

It’s still raining. I am on the train to Carinthia and here is an image of this morning.

It’s funny what you look at when you desperately need an image. This speck of concrete in the asphalt of the sidewalk caught my attention. Somehow it looked like a wild animal, most likely a gorilla, angrily crying.

The Song of the Day is “Born To Be Wild”, but not the Steppenwolf version from Easy Rider, no, a version from Romanian brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia‘s 2007 album “Queens and Kings”. If you don’t know them, you’ve missed something, and if you possibly can, try to see them live as well. I have and it was incredible. Hear it on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “1155 – Born To Be Wild”

  1. The first impression I had was it was a fossil imbedded in some strange sediment. Interesting how two individuals can “see” the same thing but come away with two completely different meanings.

  2. For me this was a footprint. I thought about the stars’ footprints on Hollywood Boulevard and that this one could be called a “partial everymans footprint”. I wonder where that thought came from.

    1. Well, these red spots, they look suspicious to me, more like blood than like anything else. But then, I just play Half Life 2, a very violent video game – and at the same time one of the best games ever made. No wonder I see blood 🙂

      Have a nice weekend too 🙂

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