1153 – Hero Dead & Gone II

Just another fallen bicycle. It may be vandalism, the bike may just have been fallen, I don’t know.

Michael was here, we’ve spent the evening talking, and now it’s obscenely late.

The Song of the Day is again “Hero Dead & Gone” from the 1997 De-Phazz debut album “Detunized Gravity”. There’s another video, this time of a live version, on Google Video.

8 thoughts on “1153 – Hero Dead & Gone II”

  1. to simply follow the light
    that kind of thing
    i love that
    less sad than yesterday 🙂

    (did you tilted it after capturing? just curious 😉

    have a nice day, andreas
    pretty busy here like every year in december 🙁
    but still, i can keep it at a healthy level 🙂

    1. No, I just cropped in from the left. There was a manhole cover that somehow rhymed with the wheels, but only just so. Overall the image was stronger when cropped.

  2. Fallen, but will rise again. These mountain bikes are not that easily defeated. 🙂
    Very nicely captured, I like the wet ground, the shadow and all light reflections around it.

  3. Odd, I can navigate the image wonderfully… but not the comments map. Ahh… but it’s late and I’m dragging these days. Mixing end of year work/writing and gym training into a numbing cocktail. Still it leaves me with a nice little rush this time of the evening and that’s just the right touch of euphoria to enjoy your bike pix. Until someone tries to do what you do with these things they cannot really appreciate your genius. I guess it’s the difference between watching professional sports and playing?

    BTW… someone recently wondered if it is the photographer or the post-processor who brings more to the final image. No, in fact they argued that it is the pp which has become the major point of artistic entry into our process today. Thoughts?

    1. Thoughts? Well, first, I think this someone may have been you 😀

      It really depends on what you get out of the process of post-processing. For me it is fun. Not because it is just a simple, not too tedious work, no, to the contrary, it’s because it is a way of artistic expression. If you don’t stop at an arbitrarily drawn line (e.g. “nothing that could not have been done in the darkroom”), there is an infinite number of things that you can do after the fact, and by this, “after the fact” becomes “part of the fact”. You only have to be careful with certain people when you call it photography 😉

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