Dec 072009

Sunday progressed pretty like Saturday. There was a short time of sun, but when I left home, it was already over. I made some wide-angles of a bridge and hoped to get away with it.

In the evening, like all Sundays, I took the taxi to the railway station and found … no train. Hmm … December 8 is a Catholic holiday, and 20 years ago the shops used to be closed. Not so any more, but many people still have the day off, especially in public service. This makes Monday a bridge day that people also tend to take off, thus creating a long weekend, and that, of course, lowers traffic, which ultimately made the railway company eliminate my train.

Instead of using the taxi back, I took a nice walk in the dark, through Villach’s well-decorated center. That’s where I made these images.

It’s Monday now, almost 2pm, and I am finally on the train to Vienna, having taken the day off myself.

The Song of the Day is “A Walk In The Dark” from David Byrne’s 1992 album “Uh-Oh”. I know, I have already used this song and it would not have been that hard to find another title, but it’s so good, I just had to 🙂

Hear it as the second part of this video on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “1150 – A Walk In The Dark II”

  1. I love the image of being under the lights with that red ball of lights in lower right better than your image of the subterranean tunnel. So if these two were mine, I would have chosen the red ball of lights image! But, lol, since I’m not current with popular music, I have no idea what song might go with this image.

    The only song I can think of is “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”!

    • “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”? Well, if I look at that red ball, it may well have been meant like that 🙂

      Btw: that’s a canopy of lights above a skating place that that have built in front of the town hall.

  2. I’m also quite taken with the canopy, and the way you composed it is genius.

    But…I’m more intrigued by the tunnel, and wonder: What’s that curving black piece? What’s through those windows? What does it look like when you reach the end of the hall? I want to walk through and “see”. 🙂

  3. well decorated
    well captured
    love the angle of light-decorated image
    so you created a ‘milky way’ 🙂

    red moon and twinkling stars

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