1148 – Loveless Love

Funny how it goes. I haven’t had graffiti for months, and now two times in a row. I didn’t exactly look for it, swear, but when I saw the word “love” this morning, I figured it would be a nice excuse for the Song of the Day.

Some time ago, following up to “1102 – Love-Less“, I got an email from Paul Butzi, arguing against my choice of music. Paul recommended the song “Loveless Love“, originally from W.C. Hardy, a variation on “Careless Love” with a different text.

The version that he recommended was by Louis Armstrong from the 1956 release “Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy”. Well, just two days ago I got it and Paul is absolutely right (not that I would have doubted), the whole album is extremely good.

My only problem is, that the song is not available on YouTube. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that there seems to be a Japanese TV anime series called “Loveless”, and that there is a “Loveless – Love Song” that everybody seems to post, frequently omitting the dash. Anyway, wading through 18 pages of search results, I found some interesting things: there are for instance two versions by Bob Wills, one by Bo Carter, one by Billie Holiday, and one by The Mills Brothers. The interesting thing is, apart from obviously Billie Holiday, I didn’t know any of them. I love those YouTube adventures 🙂

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