1145 – Too Much Of Anything

Well, some days it’s less, some days it’s more. Today it’s more 🙂

Actually these are images of yesterday, all taken in the morning while I went to work. These are not even all images, I could have gone on, but I just had to stop. This is supposed to be a daily blog after all, and I am already a day behind.

The lone balcony is here not for its qualities as an image, no, it’s here, because it fascinates me. It’s kind of a functionless architecture, an architecture that was normal a hundred years ago: you know, these balconies that were pretty useless, much too narrow, more decoration than anything else. In the meantime we have learned to appreciate balconies as an extension to our apartments.

Normal balconies are big enough for at least a table and two chairs, and then there must still be enough space to walk by. Not so here. A lone yellow chair, that’s it. And then it’s a north side too. I’m pretty sure though, the landlord charges a premium for it anyway.

The first two bicycle pictures are really the same bike, one time lit by the headlights of a car, thus the different colors …

… time passes …

… Oh dear! I must have been tired. It’s morning now and I have not even looked at yesterday’s images. Not much time to chatter now, but that may be a good thing anyway 🙂

The mannequin of the Image of the Day is in the window of some shop, I believe a hairdresser. I had to remove the lens hood and press the lens flat to the window, without any chance to compose. There was no other way to get rid of the reflections, especially as the insode was much darker than the outside. It is a relatively tight crop, but I still like it.

And that leaves the last image. “The Hunter Just Returned“. 😀

The Song of the Day is “Too Much Of Anything” from the 1971 album “Who’s Next” by The Who. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1145 – Too Much Of Anything”

  1. I agree with Esther about the mannequin image – it’s very lovely. Andreas, do you not have a polarizer filter? You can get rid of reflections easily with one of those.

    That poor pink bicycle! I wonder how it feels to ride it with the warped and bumpy wheel. I’m surprised it’s even useable. I love the last image – the hunter returns, lol. Looks like he might have hit a leopard with his front bumper!

    1. Flo, a polarizer can only get rid of reflections when you look at the reflecting surface from an angle other than 90 degrees, i.e. you don’t look straight at it. And even then, the scene is not a single point. You look at it from more than one angle, but a polarizer can only completely remove reflections from one single angle. It’s great to remove most of those reflections in a real scene, but it can’t remove all of them. In other words: it does not work here 🙂

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