1137 – Fallin’ Rain

Rain in the morning, a beautiful day from 10am until sundown, night when I left work. Oh dear, I had a hard time finding anything at all.

I woke up at 4:45am, sat down at my computer desk and began trying to process an image. I didn’t have many to begin with, and all of the night images turned out as failures. This one was my safety net, the one I finally fell into. I better like it, because now it’s so late that I have to hurry for work. Damn it!

The Song of the Day is “Fallin’ Rain” from the 1990 Neville Brothers album “Brother’s Keeper”. No lyrics available. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1137 – Fallin’ Rain”

  1. had a short night myself
    awoke at 4:44am, well seeing your awaking time,
    i call that pretty marvellous. 🙂
    normally i won’t awake before my alarm calls me, but i’ve caught a cold. (breathing wasn’t a pleasure :-))
    i did post-processing till 1:00am, so no PS for me, that early, in the morning. 🙂

    i like this image
    especially the reflection in the, huge in sight, building
    it let us show more of the street than without this reflection

    the bikers and the leaves of the tree are a welcome foreground detail

    i’m not sure about the post-processing
    it’s that marvellous treatment with the filter you often use (lately)
    sometimes i love what it does with the colors
    sometimes it’s making more noise (so it seems, it isn’t, i know) in a not so special way

    but i *do* like the business on the street, so early in the morning
    the light is special at this time
    a brand new day before us
    to make things come true

    (i love your last comment and i will write a reply. busy times here, won’t let me do this at the moment :-))

  2. Man, Andreas! You do have an extensive music collection. You seem to have a song title for every occasion. I like the moodiness of the photo; a classic rainy day.

  3. Emma, this is one of the cases where I like using Alien Skin’s SnapArt filter. Sometimes I do it to cover up noise, here I did it to put a little color into the image. I know that many people object to it, but that’s OK for me 🙂

    Paul, yes, I have a lot of music, and as everyone else I tend to hear a small subset of it. Many things I even forget. This kind of random approach, selecting music for its title, makes me hear some my own forgotten music. In a way it’s most of all for me 🙂

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