1127 – Precious Things

It is 6pm, and it has been deep night since more than an hour ago. Light is a precious thing these days. For longer than a month it will get worse before it gets better again.

Usable images were a little sparse today. This one is from my way to the train, just before I entered the Underground. I caught some last, intense light on the top of Vienna’s Justitzpalast, the Palace of Justice.

The Song of the Day is “Precious Things” from Tori Amos’ 1992 album “Little Earthquakes”. See her perform live on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “1127 – Precious Things”

  1. I got also a sense of vertigo, but it was more a question of trying to orient that a feeling of height as such. Interesting discovery up there, one seldom looks upwards (at least I don’t except when making a deliberate effort).

  2. That’s funny. Looking up is something that I always did, even in my youth when I was drawing, not photographing.Why? I don’t know. It’s a dream thing, similar to seeing things isolated and out of proportion, imagining being there. It must be connected to playing with cars and planes and soldiers and cowboy and indian figurines in my childhood. Let a cowboy climb the bark of the apple tree and imagine it is a rocky cliff. That sort of things.

  3. Wow, is that blue sky? Impressive! Here I can use the sky perfectly as a gray card for setting my white balance…

    Nice orange stripe on top of the building, makes for an interesting transition from gray building to blue sky.

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