1125 – No One Knows I’m Gone

Sometimes the titles won’t come. Train, rain, … I’ve had too many of them. It is late now, very late. This is an image taken early this morning from the rear window of the tramway train, line #5.

Yes, there are still some with real windows, windows that you can open. I love those trains and I always open the windows, take images while the train rumbles on. Not many of them find their way into this blog, but they are countless.

The Song of the Day is “No One Knows I’m Gone” from Tom Waits’ 2002 album Alice. Hear it on YouTube.

PS: Wanna see some good pictures? Head over to Emma’s blog. That’s some good pictures 🙂

8 thoughts on “1125 – No One Knows I’m Gone”

  1. you got my heart with this picture, again
    (and i hadn’t even red the last sentence)

    in combination with the title,
    i thought you were leaving the city earlier
    than other weeks and
    no one knew. 🙂

    i know, i’ve got a weak spot for the unfocused colorful backgrounds
    but in combination with the gold tones and recognizable situation
    and the other sparkling detail it touch my heart,
    haven’t got discovered why
    maybe because of the good memories traveling by train
    who tell 🙂

    thank you , i’m honoured and a little embarrassed too,
    (in a shy way, 🙂

  2. Thanks Siam 🙂

    Emma, as to your blog and images, it’s simply the truth. I am absolutely in awe of the consistently high quality of your images. Not all of them are touching, not all of them are of the kind that one would expect everybody to love them, some are very analytic and they often analyze small aspects of our life and the environment we live in, many speak with a low voice, but they always do so very precisely. As images they are consistently excellent. That’s the truth and not many photo bloggers are on that base level. Mark “The Landscapist” Hobson is, I know I am not.

  3. wel, now i’m even more embarressed. 🙂

    but i can’t agree with the last part of your last sentence.
    it simply isn’t true.
    i won’t explain why here and now (haven’t got the time) 🙂
    but i sure know it *is*.
    it was you just placing constantly such marvellous, high quality images and that on daily bases. wow!
    you are surprising me every single day, since the beginning of 2008 and of course i’ve seen more of your work made in the period for that.
    i’m not saying this because you are a nice person, ’cause you are.
    first i saw your images and after that i met the person behind.
    so, no modesty on that point any more!
    (one get used to the level, working on and our view on the world is familiar to ourselves, ’cause it’s a part of who we are. familiar to us but not to others)
    the world through your eyes is very inspiring 🙂
    ok, i’ll stop, haven’t got the time 🙂

    here the wether keeps us kept in the warmth of the living room
    good books, music
    and every now and then hot chocolat or something like that
    to make us feel comfortable and cosy 🙂

    have a good weekend too, andreas 🙂

  4. Wonderful shot. Nice selection of the eye candy that one can encounter on a tram. Sometimes the limitations of photography work just fine. It’s simply great to not have to cope with all the background noise, the sometimes not-overly-pleasant smells etc.

    The glowing colors of the window frame in combination with the out-of-focus discs make the image for me.

  5. Regardless of the music bed you recommend to accompany your images – your bubbly night-times are always, in my mind, backed by a smoky/throaty tenor sax. You make it growl.

    1. Hi Ted! I already thought you had stopped coming to my blog, had considered writing to you, inquiring if I had insulted you anyhow. Just didn’t find the words yet. It did trouble me though. Great to see you on my new site!!

      As to the sax, yeah, I can feel that as well. On the other hand, those songs are really only a way for me to browse my own music. Searching for a title forces me to hear things that I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Hmm … not so true for Tom Waits, I hear him regularly, but actually I came back to his work via this exact thing. He frequently turned up in the titles and I began to hear him more often 🙂

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