1117 – Just Friends II

Rain and snow, and that the whole day through. Is it a wonder that I can’t offer anything real good?

On the other hand, although today’s images lack in quality, I somehow like these two pairs of wheeled transport devices.

Image #2, the two motorcycles, is curious in one respect: I couldn’t stand it at all and was about to throw it away, and then I remembered the two images that I had given critique today on Photo.net, a snail that was simply perfect, and a street scene, that I really liked, but where I felt something to be missing. The snail had a frame that was absolutely essential to the image’s effect, and after I loaded the street scene in Photoshop and added a white frame, I found the image much more satisfying. And really, adding a white frame to the motorcycles made them at least bearable.

It’s nothing that I do very often, but surprisingly it sometimes works wonders. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

For lack of a better title (or simply lack of time to search for one), the Song of the Day is once more “Just Friends” from the 2006 Amy Winehouse album “Back to Black”. See her perform on YouTube. It’s still as good as it was two weeks ago 🙂