1115 – Electric Ladyland X

Power lines are a part of our modern landscape. You can try to avoid them, you can try to clone them out, but in the end the question remains: Why oh why should you do that? Do you clone out the mountains? Do you try to avoid the sky?

Here we are again, this is the tenth image in this series, thus the Song of the Day is again “Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)” from jimi Hendrix’ 1968 landmark album “Electric Ladyland”. I have linked to the American version, the one with the mutilated cover, simply because it’s cheaper. Of course you’d really want to get the one with the ladies 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1115 – Electric Ladyland X”

  1. I’m almost ashamed to admit Andreas that I do exactly that. Avoid them, I mean. I’ll do almost anything to keep power lines out of a shot, although if I can’t avoid them while composing I won’t resort to cloning them out. I can’t give you a rational reason as to why. As you say, they’re part of the modern landscape. I just don’t like them, I guess. Heck, I’ll go to extremes to keep people out of most of my compositions. Unless they’re useful for scale purposes, I’d rather not include them. I’ll try to wait until they’re out of the frame. Maybe in my mind power lines and people are simply part of the clutter. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s clutter!

    1. Regarding people my stance has changed. These days I tend to wait until they reach certain points in my composition, or I simply wait, just to see if they make something interesting.

      In general, look at Ted Byrne, he almost fumes when I only mention graffiti, but they are a part of our reality as well. It all depends on what you want to do. If you try to show nature, sure, power lines and graffiti are the wrong thing. If you are interested in lines, colors and the occasional impression of what is around you, graffiti and power lines can do just fine 🙂

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