Oct 292009

That’s a pretty funny number, when you think of it 🙂

Today’s picture was taken, well, today!!! I’m back in the game. I already feel pretty well, and I have decided to take off for the rest of the week, to stay in Carinthia, relax, and be able to photograph again. Wow, that feels much better now!

As you can see from the file name, this image is an HDR, combined and tone mapped in Photomatix Pro, and then taken over to Photoshop. There I’ve used some combination of Topaz Detail, my neutral blur, my saturation layers, a cooling filter, levels and contrast adjustments, some of them localized via masks, much of that modified by blend-if sliders to work mostly on the highlights or on the shadows, in other words, this image was quite some work.

Does it look like it looked while I was there? Nope. It looks better 🙂

The Song of the Day is “I’m So Free” from Lou Reed’s 1972 album “Transformer”, one of the best albums ever made.

Uhhm … this is not lightly said. I mean it. Let’s put it like this: When asked for the 20 best albums of all times, I may produce different lists on different days, no question, but I can hardly imagine a day when “Transformer” would not be on my list. And that’s pretty remarkable.

Hear the song in very good quality on YouTube.

  6 Responses to “1111 – I’m So Free”

  1. Magic work Andreas and gotta agree about Transformer 🙂

  2. This is so great! Yes, it looks so much better, it looks like a daydream! I love it! Beware of this number;-) Have sweet days! Sunny greetings

  3. My daughter said “Wow, did you take that?” I said no, but I wish I had! Fab.

  4. it looks like a orange version of a van gogh’s, such bright colors. (only joking and you knew that 🙂
    van gogh had jaundiced eyes, so the yellow would have dominated (no joking about that and you knew that 🙂
    i love what you did with the image.

    painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations. [paul cezanne quote]
    and that is even more true 🙂

    do have a nice evening in carinthia. tomorrow no hurry for the friday image; you don’t have to catch the train 🙂

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