1106 – Friday Street

I took this image of a cool young rider in the morning. It was the last possible moment, across the street is the building where I work.

It’s really getting colder now, the bikers wear gloves and caps, and from next week I’ll leave work at night. Daylight saving time, here in Austria generally called “summer time”, gives way to “normal” time this weekend, winter is near.

At the moment I’m on the train to Carinthia, I’ll stay a day longer this weekend, Monday is October 26th, a national holiday in Austria. Weather in the south is not too promising, but we will see.

The Song of the Day, “Friday Street“, is again by Paul Weller. Paul Weller is really an acquired taste. I have not heard The Jam when they were current, I have not heard Style Council, and even the name Paul Weller was unknown to me. At one evening, some years ago, my friend Manfred played some songs from Weller’s 1993 solo album “Wild Wood”, and this really got me hooked. See a video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1106 – Friday Street”

  1. Your STREETS ‘ series (bicycles, people, cars, traffic,etc.) are so interesting and lively. They are like an everyday history of Wien (21th century). We see how people are dressed, what street lights are in use, the new and ancient buildings, etc. Considering the quality of your photographs, the everyday history is a plus.

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