1104 – Keep On Movin’

Sometimes I have no problem finding a suitable image, sometimes I have to make one. Yesterday was of the latter category.

I tried to process an image that had quite interesting lines, but then nothing more. Light was garbage, tonal distribution was garbage, colors as well, and after I had finished a B&W version this morning, I decided to try another one.

Well, I just did, and although the image had some merits, it just wouldn’t work. Finally I remembered my friend Bill Birtch and his motion blur experiments, and – what can I say – I found the result strangely satisfying.

The Song of the Day is “Keep On Movin’“, originally from Pino Daniele’s 1984 album “Musicante”. This album is regrettably unavailable via Amazon, thus I link to the 2CD collection “I Grandi Successi”, probably a good idea because for many it would be their first Pino Daniele album anyway. Hear the song on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1104 – Keep On Movin’”

  1. i begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. [pablo picasso quote]

    it’s simply stunning
    instant love for me
    cool bright shades
    what can i say 🙂

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