1101 – Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind

This image is more than a month old. After working on my portfolios (already seen them? I’d really be interested in your opinions) all through the night, I was not really inclined to go out, and when I finally changed my mind, weather changed its, deciding to spoil the afternoon with a little rain.

Well, it was not only the portfolios that kept me from sleep, basically I have inspected pretty every one of the past 1100 posts, correcting URLs where the conversion process had mangled them, uploading missing pictures, you get it: the tedious kind of work that you delegate if you can.

Six posts still lack images and I didn’t have them in Carinthia. These were typically images that I had processed Sundays on the train from Carinthia to Vienna. Five of them fall within two months after I had bought my Windows Vista computer in Vienna. It took me some time to recognize that with Vista, Microsoft had subtly changed the semantics of the Advanced Search dialog. In XP you searched by default for files changed after a certain date, including that date, in Vista you search by default for files created after a certain date, excluding that date. Thanks guys, very helpful 🙂

In other words, there are still some posts without images, but all those layout-garbling errors that have plagued the blog for two weeks now are gone.

In retrospective, it was a tremendous amount of work, I can’t imagine how anybody without solid computer education could possibly do that, but I don’t regret it at all. After more than two weeks Blogger still has a hard limit of labels per post. They have raised it from 10 to 20, but obviously their code now requires a limit. And SmugMug? Well, their outages continue. I’m still subscribed to their service blog. Makes me feel good 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind” from Melody Gardot’s 2009 album “My One and Only Thrill”. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1101 – Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind”

  1. very nice matching background colors.
    the focused part has a refined texture, shades and shadow
    so again one of your excellent images i love 🙂

    congratulations, you managed this huge job very well.
    enjoy the results of your hard work 🙂

  2. Thanks. I only hope those technical problems are over soon. In the moment I am affected by a WordPress bug, that pops up in the current version for some people: My categories and tags are not displayed, you can’t see them, the links don’t find anything, but they are still in the database. Oh well 🙄

    1. Just got an answer from my host support: They are rebuilding RAIDs, that causes high load at times. Maybe that’s the root cause. We’ll see 🙂

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