1098 – A Little Rain

It’s Friday morning. It’s stormy outside, just as it was yesterday, just as it was the day before. Meteorologists were right, we had snow yesterday morning. Only mixed into the rain, more the idea of snow than real, physical snow and nothing remained, but I’ve heard of parts of Austria where it piled up to 20cm. Isn’t that strange, given that we had 25 degrees Celsius about a week ago? More strange, given the fact that I was swimming on Saturday?

Well, that’s how it goes. I have no good image for yesterday, but I won’t shy away from showing you a bad one 🙂

I was in a hurry yesterday morning, I took the tramway line #5, and this image was taken through the rear window just before the last station, just before I left. When the train accelerates, water spills down from the roof and runs down the window.

The Song of the Day is “A little Rain” from Tom Waits’ 1992 album “Bone Machine”. Wow, is it really that long? Excellent as always. Hear a 1999 live version on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1098 – A Little Rain”

  1. Thank you so much for your reply. It helps me : I never had the idea to look to other lenses than Nikon’s. I’ll rent the two lenses for a day or two and compare.

    I do like this picture. It is so real. The mood of rainy days is well rendered. I like the precision of the rain’s marks in the window contrasting with the “flou” of the backgrond. The colored main lights attract the eye and are emphasized by the V’s lines (one is a counterpoint V) .
    The right part of the picture is s a nice abstract.

    Every day I come to your site. See your new picture(s) on Monday.

    Micheline deJordy

    1. Thanks for coming, you’re welcome 🙂

      Regarding the lens: it’s a good idea to always test new lenses ON YOUR CAMERA. Make sure the autofocus is precise. When you try the lens, set it to f1.4, focus on something as near as possible, see if the focus is OK. Then go out on the street, focus on something far away, check that it’s also OK. Don’t buy a lens when the focus is not precise!

  2. also ich bin natürlich nur ein dreckiger Laie, aber das Foto finde ich exzellent! Gefällt mir zB viel besser als das Schuhfoto!


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