1096 – The Letter

Postmen in Austria use such yellow trolleys. You’ve already seen one of them in “655 – On A Lonely Avenue“. It’s one of the images that I put on Fine Art Photoblog.

Ahh, Fine Art Photoblog! I probably don’t advertise it often enough (in fact I almost never do), but in its almost two years it has developed into a nice reservoir of interesting photography. It’s become more quite lately, we all have our own blogs, jobs, lives, but I promise I’ll again contribute more often. In fact I did just yesterday. Why not head over and browse a little? You can even buy prints there 🙂

Uhh … yes, sorry for that 🙂 What else? Nikon Rumors told it for weeks, in only some hours it will be official: the Nikon D3s is coming. What that is? Well, just a D3 with sensor cleaning, video (only 720p) and ISO 12800.

Wait a minute, didn’t the D3 already have ISO 25600??? Uhhh … yes, it did, but it’s highest nominal ISO was 6400. 25600 was Hi3, the highest “boost” value. Now with the D3s, ISO 12800 is nominal and the highest “boost” ISO value is … 102,400!!! Holy smoke 😯

On the other hand, it’s not that much more. It’s just four stops better than my D300. On the other hand, four stops, wow! That’s pretty much! Imagine the difference between photographing at 1/4s and 1/30s! That’s normally the difference between to hold and not to hold. Or take 1/30s and 1/500s: that’s the difference between motion blur and freezing the action. Quite impressive.

Of course I won’t buy one. Can’t afford it. You would have to buy a damn lot of images over at Fine Art Photoblog to make that possible 🙂

I’ll tell you a secret: I’ll have a camera with that sensitivity, and I’ll tell you more: you will as well. We only won’t have it right now. We’ll have to wait maybe two years, maybe three, then we will have it in affordable cameras. It’s only that we will not value it, because at that time we will drool about a D4’s or D5’s ISO 409,600 😀

The Song of the Day is “The Letter” from Joe Cocker’s unforgettable 1970 live album “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”. See a video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1096 – The Letter”

  1. ISO numbers are getting interesting. On TOP, they have a poll asking how much ISO do you shop for and most people came up with ISO 1600. I guess that I don’t take many night shots so cannot see the usefulness of ISO 12,800, let alone, 104,000! Also, having HD video inside of a still camera. I’m not sold. 🙂 I’m sure that it is useful for someone and that they’ll sell a number of them, but I’m just as pleased as peaches with my D300, even though it’s about 18 months old, which, in digital technology, is probably a dinosaur, or at least a relic!

    1. Actually, for my use the D3s would be fine, it’s only that I’m not willing to spend the money. As I said, I’ll wait. In two or three years that sensitivity will be the standard in my price range. If I’d follow every impulse, only because it would be useful, where should I stop? The 24 Mpx Nikon D3x would be useful as well, so would be the new Leica S2 or a Phase One 60 Mpx medium format back. Would I buy those? Sure, if I had money to burn, but that’s something that I don’t have. I have to make a stop, and if I have to, why not simply at what I already have?

      After all: isn’t it silly to throw away a perfectly fine camera like the D300, a camera that has cost the price of a D300, after only almost two years? At not even a third of its shutter life? A camera that fulfills all my needs and most of my wishes? I guess it would be silly indeed 🙂

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