1094 – Foot Of The Mountain

Alien Skin Snap Art painting effects in B&W??? What the Duck did I think?

Well, surprisingly this is the only variant of that image that would even remotely work.

It’s an image taken from the balcony of our apartment in Villach. Although the day was beautiful and it would have been the last chance to go swimming, I could not afford the time. If you’ve been here yesterday, you may see quite some changes to the sidebar. I have converted most of my categories to tags, there is a tag cloud, the blogroll is back again, and these are only the changes that are visible.

The Song of the Day is “Foot Of The Mountain” from Paul Weller’s 1994 live album “Live Wood”. See a video on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1094 – Foot Of The Mountain”

  1. Ah, the joys of migration. Those who went through the same process know what a tremendous amount of work is connected with such an undertaking…

    The image works for me – thanks a lot for providing larger sizes – which did somewhat astonish me as I am usually not such a big friend of effect plugins. The combination of the b&w abstraction plus the new structure in the sky is fine here.

    O.t.: Could you please correct the link to ‘spring2life’ in the blogroll? It’s now http://markus-spring.info/wp/ Thx.

  2. Fun to see you trying new things and I like the new look to your blog. Always a pleasure to stop by your page. The sunset below this image is striking indeed.

    1. Thanks Deb, very appreciated. It was truly hard work and it’s not finished yet. Still, it’s a good feeling to be rid of the backlog and posting daily again.

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