1092 – My Eye On You

Friday morning I was in a real hurry. Weather had also changed, it had rained a little, the sky was overcast, and on top of all that I was uninspired. In those situations it does not make sense to try with force. You will only block yourself. Thankfully the routine of making at least one image per day makes me creative in overcoming creativity blocks, and as soon as I recognized a problem, I unconsciously and automatically switched into a kind of “free association mode”. I let loose, let my mind wander, and suddenly there was an inspiration: I would make an experiment.

These kinds of experiments are normally something crazy, something completely against the rules, against normal procedure, and this time it was setting the camera to manual focus, focusing very near and simply making pictures, open to what may come. In that case you have two possibilities: You can make deliberately unfocused images and play with lights, colors and vague forms, or you can go very near to things, until you find something that comes into focus.

This image is of the latter category. It’s part of an advertising at a tram station. The lights in the background are inside of a train.

The Song of the Day is “My Eye On You” from the 1983 Bette Midler album “No Frills”. See a video on YouTube.