1085 – Out In The Rain

OK, grudgingly even I admit that this summer is over.

It was rainy today, rainy and cool. These images are from Vienna. Carinthia, that’s where the train just takes me, seems to have slightly better weather, maybe I can even go swimming one last time. Well, it’s not that it will be so hot as to necessitate it, I seriously doubt that, but swimming for the last time in October has become something like a ritual to me 🙂

As to my website project, I really need to hurry now. There are still two things that I need: The link translator for the blog (this will be a Perl script, I already have parts of it) and an image resize and upload utility.

On SmugMug I simply uploaded a JPEG and SmugMug took care of the rest. On my own site this will be different. I will have a program that takes the original JPEG and locally creates smaller versions in the six sizes that I’ll provide. Then that program will automatically upload the images and sort them into the proper directories on my website. Additionally it may output the URLs for the different sizes.

Initially this may be a Linux shell script that I run in an Ubuntu Virtual Box, and if that proves convenient enough, I’ll keep it at that. If not, I may create an Eclipse RCP Java program or maybe even some C# .NET program. Whatever the user interface will be, the actual resizing will be done by calling an external program, ImageMagick’s “convert” command.

Hmm … I suppose with unintelligible gibberish like that I’m just losing my last readers, so let’s just say there’s still some work to do 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Rain” from the album “Roadsinger” by Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens. Hear the song on YouTube.

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  1. "…with unintelligible gibberish like that…" – at least for me this *is* interesting. Struggling with resizing and attached sharpening myself, I was not completely happy with what I got from ImageMagick up to now, but that is presumably not a flaw of the program but of the user. So some more in-depth-information is greatly appreciated, not necessarily on the blog

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