1078 – Love Or Something

Don’t fear, this is the last post for today, a short one, showing two bicycle images that I shot in the morning, and two afternoon images from my way to the train.

I really love these small children’s bikes. I took the images in front of the same school/kindergarten in Vienna’s Josefstädter Straße where I made “727 – The Gang

I like both of these bicycle images. The love theme in the Image of the Day was obvious, but I don’t know exactly what to make of the other one. Neglect? A father leaving his child? Or nothing at all like that? Maybe the small bike only fakes being tied to the railing? What if this bike is spying upon the man? Could this bike be a detective? There’s certainly something in his pose, that reminds me of a young hero …

The other two images happened on my way to the train, the “Karma” image just before I went down into the Underground, the other one just after I had re-emerged. “Karma” is basically the same kind of composition as the Image of the Day or so many of the half / half images in my SoFoBoMo ’09 book “Urban Dreams II“, only not horizontal but vertical.

The second image, the one with the tramway tracks and the giant advertising in the background, somehow appealed to me, wanted to be taken. It’s something about the keen lines and the surreal effect of the giant legs. I don’t know, I can’t really tell why I took the image. I saw it and the urge was there. I’m pleased with the result though.

The Song of the Day is “Love Or Something” by Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats. I have it on the collection “Loudmouth: The Best Of Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats”. See a nice video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1078 – Love Or Something”

  1. I gotta admit that it is hard for me to pass a bicycle without considering making an image. But first off I figger that you so completely own the subject that it is off limits to every other artist. But secondly, the few times I've tried to create something with them, I've totally failed. You make them into such emotionally charged still lifes… and so seemingly easily… But DAMNIT you are showing off! It is NOT easy to find so much metaphorical music from these twisted pieces of metal and rubber.

    On the other hand… keep showing off… It's totally cool to see a master at work.

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