1075 – The Closing Of The Doors

One more post for today, it is a short one, and that’s more than fitting. It is well past midnight now.

This is the door of one of those countless small shops that remain closed. Their size is not fitting for today’s commerce. Sometimes I think, that the American mind-set of tearing down the old and building the new, has its merits. After all, most of these shops will never find any commercial use, and at the same time they are unfit to house people. Here in the 7th district, home of Vienna’s artisans, at least some of those shops have been converted into small galleries and other art outlets, but even a big city can accomodate only so many of them.

The Song of the Day is “The Closing Of The Doors” from Róisín Murphy’s 2005 album “Ruby Blue”, so far one of the more original achievements of this young century. Hear it on YouTube. And if you feel that sounds like Moloko, you’re right, it’s the very same voice 🙂

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