1068 – Simple Things

Sometimes very simple things are enough to produce an image that pleases me. In this case it is a storehouse of a local hardware shop, seen through a bunch of yellow flowers.

I took the image on my way to the lake. Most of today was sunny and I decided to go swimming. At this time of the year you never know. Every time could be the last time. Due to the excessive rain before we left to Poland and in the last two days, the level of the lake has risen by at least 30 cm (one foot) in less than two weeks. The lake is now full and begins to spill over. The forecast announced more rain until Sunday, thus we’ll probably see floods.

The Song of the Day is “Simple Things” from The Crash’s 2001 album “Wildlife”. Hear it on YouTube.

Btw: I said I would catch up and I just did. For the first time in a week this is again an image posted the day it was made 🙂

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