1058 – Dog Days Are Over

A very conventional photo with Nikon 18-200 VR and Lee ND grad filter for today. I took it on my way to the lake. I wanted to go swimming one more time. No idea what the weather in a week will be.

Btw, due to yesterday’s 20 hours downpour, the water level in the lake has risen by between 20 and 30cm to an all-year high. Pretty impressive. This has also cooled down the water to maybe 22 centigrades, which is very comfortable.

The rest of the day was shopping, packing for tomorrow’s trip to Kraków, Poland, and dining out with Michael, who visited us today.

I guess the next blog entry will be from Poland, at least if the hotel has WiFi as promised. If not, if you don’t hear from me for a week, then I am not dead, then I have a connection problem 😉

The Song of the Day is “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + the Machine. The album “Lungs”, that I have linked to, won’t be out in the US before October 20. You can either wait or get the download. YouTube has a video, and here is the link to Amazon’s download version: Lungs

2 thoughts on “1058 – Dog Days Are Over”

  1. I just love to read your blog. It seems like you live such a charmed life, hopping from country to country. However, I do realize that, perhaps, for you hopping from country to country is like going from state to state for me. Wow! Poland! I look forward to seeing your photos from there.

    Although I don't comment often, I look every day!

  2. A charmed life? That sounds wonderful to me, at least it makes me forget that I am three days behind, have neglected all my social online relations, and in general feel stressed. I guess I make something wrong in my vacations 🙂

    Yup!, it's like state hopping in the US, but on the other hand, and Poland has shown this to me agan, a single country, even a small one like Austria, would be enough to fulfill any photographer's life. In other words: it's not the location, it's what you're able to make of it. Yes, I've made my Images of the Day in Poland, but it was in no way easier than in Vienna or Carinthia, and if at all, the opposite is true.

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