1057 – Shades Of Time

This is the second (and last) post for today. The image was taken on the construction site in front of the railway station in Vienna. It is again one of those old advertising posters that we saw in “1022 – Past In Present“.

The poster shows a red baby buggy on yellow background. I really would have liked to show the whole poster, but unfortunately it was mostly covered by construction materials. I had the Sigma 28/1.8 mounted and no time, thus what you see here is a radical crop to about 4 megapixels. Still, the image was unbalanced with its vivid colors on the left side and dull stone on the right, and even more so, as the image was visually open towards the left. Going to B&W fixed all that.

The Song of the Day is “Shades Of Time” from the 1968 self-titled Santana album. Hear it on YouTube.

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