1051 – Remember The Time

This is an old image. One from my archives, one from mid May last year. We had pouring rain today and I have not made a single image.

Sometimes when I already have an image of the Day and when I am tired, lazy or when I have no time, I put promising images that I can’t process on a TODO list.

This is one of these images, and I guess that I got a better result today than I could have got last year. One of the reasons is a micro-contrast adjustment made with Topaz Detail, and then I may have gained some experience since then. I ended up with an 18 layer job and an image that I am quite satisfied with.

The Song of the Day is “Remember The Time” from Michael Jackson’s 1991 album “Dangerous”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1051 – Remember The Time”

  1. Hi Stefano!

    Thanks. This image is not HDR (although I have made a few HDR images and use Photomatix as well as Essential HDR), but this is a blend of two different versions from the same RAW, the result then treated with various curves layers and masks 🙂

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